May 18, 2024
Canada Vacancy Job: Union Plumber

Canada Vacancy Job: Plumber (Toronto)

Job: Plumber (Toronto)
Company: Molson Coors Beverage Company
Location: 33 Carlingview Drive, Toronto, ON


High school diploma or GED

A Future in Beer and Other Fields:

At Molson Coors Beverage Company, we strive to create drinks that bring people together to celebrate all of life’s milestones. After more than 350 years of crafting legendary brands, we are pleased to provide a contemporary portfolio that goes beyond the beer section. Our culture is based on our basic values as talent brewers. We have faith in our products and our people, and we think that a successful team culture requires both diversity and inclusiveness. We would like you to become one of our brand ambassadors since we think there is a lot of unrealized potential around the globe. Therefore, if you share our excitement about contributing meaningfully to a winning team, we would want to hear from you.


  • Obtaining an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or its equivalent through successful completion, ideally in a technical program.
  • Obtaining a valid Journeyman Plumber 306A and Pipefitter 307A license in Ontario An eligible license for a steamfitter is 307A.
  • A minimum of three years’ experience working as a licensed Journeyman Plumber and Pipefitter, preferably in an industrial setting, maintaining heating and plumbing systems in buildings Ability to read and comprehend specifications, drawings, blueprints, and diagrams related to plumbing services.
  • working familiarity with the Plumbing Code of Ontario.
  • Capacity to operate both individually and together.
  • The ability to carry out job obligations by carefully adhering to defined procedures and methods
  • The capacity to rank the completion of work orders according to priority.

Here at Molson Coors, diversity is valued. Diverse viewpoints encourage questioning the status quo, which sparks the development of fresh concepts. We welcome applications from candidates with any background, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, gender identity, age, handicap, veteran status, or any other attribute. We are an equal-opportunity employer. We are proud to celebrate our exclusive brew.

Extra prerequisites:

  • Respects the safety policies and procedures of the firm.
  • Pipes, fixtures, and fittings used for different liquid distribution, disposal, and gas distribution are laid out, assembled, installed, and repaired by plumbing and gas codes.
  • Installs and fixes plumbing valves and fittings composed of non-metallic materials like plastic and metals like iron, steel, lead, or copper.
  • Fulfills the requirements for material bills, estimates, sketches, and other paperwork.
  • Capacity to operate in unfavorable and uncomfortable environments, including dust, grime, vapors, extreme heat or cold, and possible risks, among others.
  • Must be able to perform heavy lifting and other physically demanding tasks.
  • Must be able and willing to put on and utilize clothes and personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Must be able and willing to operate elevated equipment, work on scaffolds, and work in cramped areas.
  • Must present a track record of reliability and attendance.
  • Carries out both preventative and remedial maintenance on the systems and equipment at the facility.
  • Complies with all regulations, both internal and external, about fire safety, health and safety, and the environment.
  • Carries out routine preventative and corrective maintenance, as well as monitoring and inspection of the facility’s equipment and systems, to guarantee facility uptime.
  • Shares and documents observations regarding the state and shortcomings of the facility’s systems and equipment and makes recommendations for improvements and repairs.
  • Conducts walkthroughs of the plant and inspects and monitors the equipment and systems.
  • Maintains, debugs, and fixes building systems and equipment.
  • Receives records, keeps an eye on, and reports on the state of repair and maintenance projects inside the service maintenance management database (SAP).
  • Collaborates with subcontractors to fix equipment as needed.
  • Accurately keeps up with and completes the necessary maintenance records and equipment logbooks.
  • Helps to carry out the preventative maintenance (PM) routine. makes certain that errors are found, noted, and reported, and that the relevant records are kept up-to-date.
  • Takes part in and lends support to facility-related projects.
  • Verifies that work is done in a way that complies with corporate and legal policies, processes, practices, and standards on fire safety, health and safety, the environment, and any other relevant requirements.
  • Other tasks as they come up.

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