June 20, 2024

Indeed Jobs: Plumber Plant & Maintenance PHC. Dive into the world of plant and maintenance plumbing! Explore Indeed’s PHC opportunities for skilled plumbers. The Plumber Plant & Maintenance PHC assumes an imperative part in a modern framework, guaranteeing the consistent activity and life span of fundamental frameworks. These talented experts have specialized ability and critical thinking abilities, taking care of mind-boggling plumbing necessities inside plant offices. Their mastery incorporates diagnostics, preventive support, and fixes, requiring information on liquid elements, materials science, and natural guidelines. This profession way helps modern offices’ usefulness and life span while coaxing those intensely for accuracy and plumbing to shape the business spine.

Company: Unity Health Toronto
Location: Toronto, ON
Salary: $32.80–$35.95 an hour –
Job Type: Full-time, Permanent

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To qualify, one must have:

  • Apprenticeship and Tradesman’s Qualifications Act Certificate of Qualification (Plumber).
  • A high school Diploma or its equivalent is necessary.
  • Prior knowledge in maintaining, repairing, and troubleshooting Steam and hot Water Heating Systems, Chilled Water Systems, Domestic Hot and Cold Water Systems, Toilet and Washbasin Fixtures, Drain Line Systems, and Kitchen, and Hospital Equipment as needed.
  • Preferably five (5) years of hospital experience.
  • Having the ability to diagnose all pumping systems, including domestic, heating, CHW, and storm/sewer.
  • Being able to understand plumbing schematic upgrades and drawings. Must possess an in-depth practical understanding of pipe specification codes and principles.
  • Utilized trade tools and equipment with expertise and knowledge.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities are displayed. possesses efficient and fluid English communication skills.
  • Strong customer service abilities, rudimentary mathematics, and mathematical capabilities, and the ability to prioritize work while operating with little supervision.
  • Solid interpersonal, organizational, and communication abilities.
  • Excellent computer skills and knowledge of CMMS, email, and BAS

Duty and Responsibility:

  • All plumbing and piping systems, fixtures, and appliances, such as sinks, washbasins, toilets, scrub sinks, showers, emergency eye wash systems, and waterlines, are laid out and installed.
  • Regularly carries out quality control inspections on valves, water purification and softening systems, and backflow prevention systems. restores any system as required.
  • Conducts thorough preventative maintenance on all plumbing fixtures, replacing any worn-out or outdated components.
  • Ensures that the cold water and domestic hold systems run without a hitch.
  • Performs routine maintenance on all plumbing fixtures and systems, including troubleshooting.
  • To address any significant plumbing issues, consult with additional engineers and maintenance employees as appropriate.
  • Keep track of all plumbing installations and maintenance.

if necessary, fills in as a relief maintenance mechanic.
Unless a legitimate accommodation under the Ontario Human Rights Code is in place, all external hires will be asked to provide verification of their COVID-19 immunization as a condition of employment. Please be aware that if you accept an offer of employment, you will need to present Ontario QR Code formatted evidence of immunization. The COVID-19 Vaccination Policy of Unity Health Toronto must be followed by all internal applicants.

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