July 11, 2024

Indeed Jobs: Plumber. Unlock the faucet of opportunities with Indeed Jobs: Plumber roles. Make a splash in the world of plumbing today. Master craftspeople Indeed Jobs: Plumber ace liquid elements in framework, combining specialized dominance with deft critical thinking. They work on fragile courses, fabricate water-powered ensembles, and arrange the pipeline of chance in private structures, business structures, and modern structures. The For Sure entrance offers hopefuls to enter a calling where each decides the destiny of the current civilization in the water.

Company: FireGuard Sprinkler Inc.
Location: Halifax, NS
Salary: $31–$32 an hour –
Job Type: Full-time, Permanent

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Experience: 3 to 5 years, or a comparable amount of time.
Education: Other trades diploma or certificate


  • To identify the configuration of the plumbing system, the water supply network, and the waste and drainage systems, read plans, drawings, and specifications.
  • install, fix, and keep up plumbing systems and equipment for homes, businesses, and industries.
  • Determine and indicate the locations of the pipe connections, openings, and fittings in the walls and floors.
  • To account for pipes and pipe fittings, make openings in the walls and floors.
  • Pipes can be consolidated by couplings, clasps, screws, fasteners, concrete, or hardware for patching, brazing, and welding.
  • Utilizing pressure measures for both air and water, actually, take a look at pipes for spills.
  • Cut, string, and twist lines to the essential shape and size.

Licenses, memberships, diplomas, and courses
Trade Certification for Plumbers
Red Seal Certificate for Plumbers

Individual suitability
A member of the group

Screening inquiries
Can you currently work in Canada legally?
Work Term: Long-Term Employment British English
40 hours are worked each week.

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