April 22, 2024

Indeed Job: Maintenance Support / Plumber. Unlock Opportunities: Indeed Job Maintenance Support for Plumbing Pros – Build, Fix, and Shape a Career with Every Connection. Honeywell is crossing over the physical and computerized universes to address the absolute most troublesome corporate and cultural worries. We spend significant time on things that are inseparably connected. We make the associations that keep urban communities running, aircraft flying, manufacturing plants working, and laborers protected, notwithstanding cell phones and PCs.

Job Type: Maintenance Support / Plumber
Company: Honeywell
Location: 550 Wellington Rd, London, ON

Information about the job
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shift and timetable
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Job Description.

A skilled Plumber is needed for Honeywell Building Technologies in London, Ontario. The Plumber will support on-site maintenance for our customers in the healthcare sector, reporting to the Facility Manager. The Plumber is in charge of fixing problems that the client reports and carrying out preventative maintenance duties all across the site. Must feel at ease in a setting where the focus is on the customer and where priorities might change quickly. Participate in schedule rotation to provide adequate site coverage.

Important Responsibilities

  • Regulating the upkeep and fix of office resources and frameworks, like lines, fittings, and plumbing apparatuses to keep up with the water, gas, and seepage on emergency clinic property, as well as the structure’s control and central air frameworks.
  • Watch the checks, cautions, and different instruments.
  • Execute a safeguard upkeep program by reviewing every single mechanical gadget and device utilized in the pipes and warming industry.
  • Perform general jack-of-all-trades undertakings as relegated, including hanging pictures, fixing, and painting walls.


  • GED or Grade 12 completion
  • Red Seal Plumber Qualification Certificate
  • Police clearance for vulnerable sectors
  • Immunization (with the COVID-19 vaccine) in compliance with the Public Health Act and as requested by the client

We Value

  • 5 years of apprenticeship training and proof of plumbing and heating system expertise.
  • Experience with plumbing in a customer service capacity Prior employment in a medical or hospital setting Fluency in written and spoken English
  • the capacity to adhere to directions
  • Availability for varying shifts
  • According to the Ontario Human Rights Code, accommodations are offered upon request for applicants with impairments.

Additional Details
Employer ID: HRD205152
Customer Experience is the category
Address: 550 Wellington Road, London, Ontario, Canada, N6C 4R3.

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