June 15, 2024
Canada Vacancy Job: Steamfitter/Plumber

Canada Vacancy Job: Steamfitter/Plumber

Canada Vacancy Job: Steamfitter/Plumber. For a full-time role, the University Hospital is actively seeking a qualified plumber or steamfitter. This person will be responsible for daily maintenance and repairs that will improve the facility’s operational efficiency. A valid plumbing trade and steamfitter certificate is a prerequisite for this position. Additional certifications, such as backflow and medical gas certificates, are highly sought after, as are other safety tickets.

This is a gratifying professional experience that offers a rare chance to collaborate in a diversified team setting with a range of trades, contractors, and stakeholders. Since our facility is working on several projects at once, the chosen applicant will be given duties like actively participating in project reviews and examining blueprints and plans.

  • Position: Steamfitter/Plumber;
  • Employer: Alberta Health Services
  • Location: Alberta, Edmonton
  • Work Type: Full-Time
  • Completely
  • Adjust and plan.
  • Twelve-hour workday
  • Day shift

Plumbing Proficiency

Your Chance:

Canada Vacancy Job: Steamfitter/Plumber. You will spend about 70% of your workday in this capacity doing plumbing-related chores, and the other 30% will be devoted to managing and maintaining steam systems. Your main area of focus will be plumbing systems. Physical demands on the job could include lifting 20 to 50 pounds, walking great distances, bending over, kneeling for extended periods, and working in confined locations.

This well-proportioned division highlights the critical role you play in maintaining the best possible performance of the steam and plumbing systems, which enhances the overall effectiveness of our varied healthcare infrastructure. We invite you to apply if you’re a committed and skilled plumber or steamfitter looking for a demanding yet fulfilling opportunity to join our growing healthcare community.

In brief:

To move water, waste, gas, air, and steam, a plumber or steamfitter designs, installs, and maintains plumbing and pipe systems, fixtures, equipment, and controls. High and low-pressure steam, hot water heating, related distribution and control systems and equipment, plumbing, medical gas, domestic hot and cold water, tempered water, glycol, chilled water, natural gas, storm, and sanitary sewer will all be under your supervision as you monitor, test, troubleshoot, record, and analyze their performance. You will also request or order materials and generate reports and feasibility estimates.

  • Grouping: AUPE GSS is the Plumber/Steamfitter Union.
  • Program and Unit: Engineering and Facilities Maintenance
  • Principal Site: U of A Hospital Specifics: According to Location
  • Multiple Sites: Not Relevant
  • FTE: 1.00
  • End of Posting: December 21, 2023
  • Class of Employee: Regular Full-Time
  • Available Date: February 12, 2024
  • 7.75 hours per shift.
  • Week-long shift: two shifts per cycle, totaling ten shifts Days are the pattern.
  • Days Off: Sunday and Saturday
  • The minimum pay is $42.95.
  • The maximum pay is $46.37.
  • The driver’s license and the vehicle are required.

Essential Requirements:

The Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training offers credentials for Journeyperson Plumber and Journeyperson Steamfitter-Pipefitter.

Further Requirements for Qualifications:

As necessary.

Desired Qualifications:

Cross-connection Licence. Certificate of Medical Gas Installers. experience gaining work in a medical environment. Lift instruction certification. Certificate of Fall Arrest. Initial Care.

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