May 26, 2024
Canada Vacancy Job: Licensed Plumber for Light Commercial or Residential

Canada Vacancy Job: Fitter (MV Isabelle). Flexible, full-service vessels are offered by Bridgemans Services Group LP (BSG) for industrial worker housing, logistics, and ferry service at any point in the globe. BSG tailors services to client’s precise requirements and locations, making sure that all solutions—including those related to logistics, staff transfers, housekeeping, catering, and meeting all HSE standards—meet exact specifications.

Job: Fitter (MV Isabelle)
Company: Bridgemans Services
Location: Garibaldi Highlands, BC
Salary: $29.44–$39.44 an hour
Job Type: Full-time

Job details


Principal Location: Accompanying Tallinn, Estonia (until November 2023) and Squamish, British Columbia, Canada (from January 2024) on board the MV Isabelle

Status of Employee: Contract

Hourly Salary Range: $29.44 to $39.44

The Possibility

In Canada, the Fitter is in charge of installing, repairing, and maintaining the mechanical and structural parts of the flotel. In charge of maintaining the equipment and systems’ appropriate operation and safety to support the floatel’s general operations and visitor experience.

Important Responsibilities

Included in the list of duties and necessary job functions are, but are not restricted to:

Upkeep and Restoration:

  • Execute upkeep duties, fixes, and substitutions for structural and mechanical parts on the floatel.
  • Examine and troubleshoot malfunctioning equipment, determining the underlying reasons and putting suitable fixes in place.
  • Carry out regular maintenance tasks like lubrication, alignment, and tweaks.
  • Keep thorough records of all repairs, maintenance, and inspections.

Installation of Equipment:

  • Help with the commissioning and installation of new machinery and equipment.
  • Work together with the engineering team to make sure that the equipment is connected, aligned, and integrated properly.
  • For installation instructions, refer to the engineering drawings and manufacturer’s instructions.
  • To guarantee correct operation and adherence to safety regulations, perform tests and inspections.

Welding and Manufacturing:

  • Execute tasks involving cutting, welding, and manufacturing as needed.
  • To do welding and fabrication work, and interpret engineering drawings and specifications.
  • Depending on the material and application, choose and utilize the proper welding equipment and techniques.
  • Assure structural integrity and weld quality in compliance with industry norms and laws.

Security and Adherence:

  • To provide a safe working environment, follow safety procedures and laws.
  • Observe safety protocols and make use of personal protective equipment (PPE) when necessary.
  • Determine any safety risks and notify the relevant staff of them.
  • Take part in emergency response and safety exercises.

Group Cooperation:

  • Collaborate with the engineering team to accomplish operational objectives and support maintenance efforts.
  • To resolve equipment-related problems and offer technical support, collaborate with other departments.
  • As required, offer junior fitters or apprentices advice and direction.
  • Effectively communicate work progress and needs to supervisors and other team members.


  • Prior sailing experience of two to three years as a fitter, with on-the-job training and an STCW Reg. III/4 rating, as part of an engine room watch
  • All seafarers must complete STCW Reg. VI/1 safety familiarization, basic training, and teaching.
  • Competency in survival craft and rescue boats other than fast rescue boats as defined by STCW Reg. VI/2
  • Security-related teaching and training required by STCW Reg. VI/6 for all seafarers Crowd control instruction
  • being aware of fabrication and welding procedures.
  • knowledge of safety rules and practices in an offshore or maritime setting.
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills Fluency in English
  • The ability to pass a drug and alcohol test before being hired, as well as any prospective random testing that may occur during work with advance notice.

Working Environment

  • Standing and moving continuously during the shift
  • Regular 50 lb. lifting and carrying
  • Regularly bending down, tugging, pushing, and raising
  • Occasionally moving up or down ramps, steps, and ladders

At Bridgemans Services Group, we think that every worker directly contributes to our expansion and success. Excellence in the workplace, secure working conditions, and the communities in which we live and work are all important to us. The Bridgemans Services Group is dedicated to employment equity and growth and makes merit-based hiring decisions.

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