June 20, 2024

Indeed Jobs: Welder. Welder, the world of vocational prospects, the fascinating terrain of welding is shown. This branch of metallurgy combines artistry and accuracy to shape metals using a combination of heat and skill. Jobs for welders are available on Indeed for people adept at using the nuances of arc, MIG, TIG, and other welding processes. The welder’s expertise is best exemplified in fabrication jobs when structural soundness and aesthetic elegance are combined. Welders support the manufacturing, aerospace, and construction sectors, helping to provide the basic structure for innovation. Embracing welding jobs on Indeed takes you on a voyage through the pliable landscapes of metal, where each molten alloy bead tells a story of deft hands and tenacious ingenuity.

Company: Price-Schonstrom Inc.
Location: Walkerton, ON
Salary: $27 an hour
Job Type: Full-time, Permanent

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Job details
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  • From the complete job description
  • Tooth care
  • Additional health care
  • Life assurance

Education: Secondary (high) school diploma Work experience: Three to Five Years


  • Utilise fully automated, semi-automated, or manual welding equipment.
  • Read and understand the directions, techniques, drawings, and plans for welding.
  • Check welds for compliance with standards and/or specifications.
  • Determine the materials’ weldability
  • Utilize hoisting and lifting apparatus
  • Utilise already-installed welding equipment to produce or repair metal components and objects.

Welding Procedures

  • Deflection, spot, or seam
  • (TIG) Gas tungsten arc welding
  • (GMAW) Gas Metal Arc Welding
  • Fusion welds Flux core arc welding (FCAW) Multipass

Physical requirements and workplace circumstances

  • A quick-paced setting
  • Requiring physical effort
  • Skill with a manual.
  • Detail-oriented Hand-eye coordination
  • Standing for a long time

Individual suitability


Health Advantages

  • Dental Programme
  • Healthcare Strategy

Long-term advantages

  • Life assurance
  • Other advantages
  • Pension scheme
  • Work Term: Long-Term Employment British English
  • 40 hours are worked each week.

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