May 26, 2024


Flooding 'due to leakage through roof' causes the shutdown of Stores.

Flooding caused by a heavy downpour is believed to have seeped through the tops of the shops at Croft Retail Park in Bromborough, forcing Poundland outlet Energy and Co and Smyths Toys Superstore to close their doors. Customers reported to the Reverberation that four outlets in the retail park, including Straightaway and JD Sports, were closed after a heavy downpour at 1.30pm.

Paths at Smyth’s superstores remained closed to general society with improvised limits, whereas Next and JD Sports restarted shortly after and are not believed to have been influenced. A sign posted on a handful of the roadblocks, which were overseen by personnel throwing out toys to customers, read: “Flooding has caused the path to be closed. For anything beyond this point, please request apart from the staff.”

Even though it is believed there were preparations to reopen the store once staff received the “green light,” Energy and Co had to keep its doors shut as workmen dealt with the aftermath of the water. Due to the “sheer volume of downpour” that dropped in a short period, one person told the Reverberation that water had entered the stores through the rooftop.

A few areas of Merseyside were recently drenched by torrential rain, with lightning and strong gusts were also seen in certain areas. Wheelie canisters were said to have arrived on a rooftop in Aigburth, with photographs also showing a destroyed trampoline and records falling to the ground in a strong breeze, which one person described as a “twister.” Flooding impacted trains between Wigan and Huyton, and garbage on the track on the Liverpool to Kirby route, misinterpreted as a fallen tree, caused delays elsewhere in the company.


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