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Sri Lankan Cardinal Says Slow Investigation Delays Victims Justice.



Sri Lankan Cardinal, The Victims Justice Due To Slow Investigation.

Self-destruction bomb attacks by Islamist psychological oppressors killed almost 300 people in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday 2019. Families are still waiting for responses from the government about alerts about Islamic radicalization. Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith of Colombo has requested international mediation through the United Nations’ Basic Liberties Committee. “We are not here to exact vengeance on anyone, nor have we demanded anyone’s blood,” declares the cardinal.

In the besiegement of chapels in Katuwapitiya, Sri Lanka, Devanjalee Fernando lost her father, mother, and grandmother. Her main enduring relative is a sibling. “We are not afraid of further bombardment,” she said NCR. “However, we have not recovered from the injuries.” Since the Easter assaults, the presence of armed forces in the chapel has created a “sense of vulnerability and dread.”

The cardinal blames the then-president and the senior administrator for a power struggle over the security permit. Boards, banners, and flags adorn both churches, pleading for compensation for the bombing victims. The attacks have been blamed on two neighboring Muslim gatherings linked to the purported Islamic State (ISIS). The Catholic church in Negombo continues to attract regular devotees and expresses gratitude to the government for military protection. 

The supporters’ confidence appears to have grown, according to Jihan Fernando, a clergyman at the house of worship. Before the crowd, Nirmanu Appahami, a young organic product seller, said she still finds people sad. They can’t forget the “horrible scenes” of Easter Sunday, she said, no matter how many times they visit the congregation.


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