May 21, 2024

EMS Union President: ‘We Will Not Let The Public Down’


With the Coronavirus antibody order cutoff deadline for all city laborers nearing, including those on call, there are concerns that the FDNY may be short-staffed come Monday. Because professionally dressed EMS officials are among the most-inoculated specialists on call, with a 90 percent vaccination rate, the head of an EMS officials’ association told the PIX11 Morning News that any potential flaws in that gathering will likely go unnoticed by New Yorkers. Vincent Variale, president of the FDNY’s Formally Dressed EMS Officials Association, Neighborhood 3621, believes the antibodies will reach the vast majority of the remaining EMS holdouts by Friday or the end of the week.

“I don’t think the drop in administrations will be as bad as people assume,” Variale remarked. According to the head of the association, EMS is routinely understaffed, so a possible shortage on Monday is understandable. “When called upon to serve people in general, and in each emergency situation, we have continuously gone forward. We will not fail the broader public. When people dial 911, emergency medical services (EMS) will arrive to save their lives “Variale has made a vow. He assured PIX11 that if there are fewer ambulances on city highways, it will result in a slight reduction in administrative costs.

In any case, the organization’s president isn’t a fan of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s far-reaching demand for city workers. “We’re people who believe in medicine and science, and we believe in vaccines,” Variale remarked. “I simply believe that the de Blasio organization mishandled and mismanaged this entire order process,” he added. Variale believes that if the city had collaborated with the groups in advance, EMS officials and other on-call specialists would have provided better and faster service.

“Shockingly, instead of initiative, he reverted to dread and intimidation,” Variale claimed of the civic chairman. The association chief promised that if the directive results in a reduction in EMS or FDNY staffing in one area of the city, professors and assets will be redeployed to that area to make up for the shortfall.


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