June 20, 2024


Heavy Rain Causes Flooding At Jersey Shore On Friday .

Towns along the Barnegat Narrows in the Sea Region are bracing for further flooding as another storm approaches on Friday. Flooding is moving forward on Highway 35 and around several residences on the Chadwick Oceanside and Sea Ocean side of Toms Stream, between the sea and Barnegat Sound.

“I’ve been here for the past seven years. I mean, this is the most egregiously bad thing I’ve encountered in seven years, so is it getting worse? I’m not sure if it’s because of the full moon or because of the high tides. I’m not sure why it overflowed this way, but it’s up there, spilling over the bulkhead “Thomas Spain, who drove down from his all-year home in Yonkers after the recent nor’easter to warn people about the country estate where he works in Toms Stream, said.

“You must prepare and recognize that this location will appear when the tempest has passed. I have photos of this location that are completely overshadowed by blue skies “Pat O’Shea, who has lived on the Sea Oceanside for a long time, agreed. O’Shea, like her neighbors who had to wear waders simply to get to their houses in the floodwaters, is always planning for the worst-case scenario. She also acknowledges that flooding has logically gotten worse in the long run. Flooding has been a concern in the area since Superstorm Sandy hit the region in 2012, causing homes to be raised.


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