April 23, 2024
Top 15 US Scholarships for Students Without an IELTS Score in 2024

Top 15 US Scholarships for Students Without an IELTS Score in 2024

Would you like to study in the USA but don’t have an IELTS score? Top 15 US Scholarships for Students Without an IELTS Score in 2024. Scholarships give students the cash and help they need to pay for their education and arrive at educational objectives they could see as trying to accomplish. Consistently, a large number of scholarships are made accessible with the expectation of complimentary application to students abroad wishing to study in the United States.

Both the US government and different non-governmental associations provide financing for these scholarships. You would regularly be expected to submit confirmation of your English language abilities, like outcomes from the TOEFL or IELTS, to study in the United States. In any case, we’ve remembered a rundown of scholarships for this post that you can apply for to study in the US without taking the IELTS test.

USA-government-funded scholarships without an IELTS score

Global UGRAD Exchange Program

  • Scholarship for one semester of non-degree academic study at US colleges and universities.
  • Aims to select candidates from underrepresented places.
  • Successful applicants are enrolled in full-time, non-degree undergraduate coursework.
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US South Pacific Scholarship Program

  • It is funded by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State.
  • Competitive, merit-based scholarship for master’s and bachelor’s degree study at the University of Hawai‘i.
  • Provides study in development-relevant fields.
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Fulbright Foreign Student Program Overview

  • Enables study and research in the USA.
  • Operates in 160 Fulbright countries worldwide.
  • Fully funded; no IELTS requirement.
  • Administered by the Fulbright Commission, Foundation, or US embassies.
  • Over 4000 scholarships are available annually, tied to program duration.
  • Includes living expenses, health insurance, flights, and tuition.
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Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program Overview

  • The program runs from April to September.
  • Placement in participating USA institutions automatically.
  • Offers professional development through selected university courses, conferences, networking, and practical work experiences.
  • Approximately 200 Fellowships are awarded annually.
  • Scholarship covers tuition, housing, hospital coverage, and travel allowances.
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US Embassy EducationUSA Opportunity Funds Program

  • Open to Nigerians annually.
  • Identifies academically qualified, motivated, low-income students.
  • It was funded in partnership with Coca-Cola.
  • Offers a full-funded study in the U.S.
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USA non-government scholarship without IELTS

Science Ambassador Scholarship for International Students

  • Available for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
  • Covers full tuition expenses for four years.
  • Starts next academic year.
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Yale Young African Scholars Programme

  • Supports secondary school students planning higher education.
  • Encourages youths to make meaningful leadership impacts.
  • Offers intensive academic enrichment.
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Hispanic Scholarship Fund for International Scholars

  • Selects 10,000 exceptional students annually.
  • Offers scholar support services.
  • Eligible for a scholarship.
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Obama Foundation Scholars Program Overview

  • Full-time, fully-funded leadership development program.
  • Brings together rising leaders from the US and global regions.
  • Encourages problem-solving in communities, countries, and regions.
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David P. Shapiro Annual Leukemia Scholarship

  • Fully-funded Science and Law School Scholarships are available for students under 1000 QS University Rank.
  • Sponsored by the Affidavit Institute of Judicial Practice.
  • Open to all international students worldwide.
  • Scholarships are available for bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD studies.
  • Aims to provide learning from high-ranking universities.
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Wells Mountain Initiative Scholars Program

  • A scholarship was granted for a full study period.
  • Recipients must maintain good grades.
  • Requires participation in community service.
  • Deadlines for submitting grades and the semester report.
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AU Emerging Global Leader Scholarship Overview

  • Covers full tuition, room, and board for successful international students.
  • Prefers an F-1 or J-1 student visa for US study.
  • Promotes educational access and international diversity.
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Barry University’s Stamp Scholars Program

  • Offers multi-year scholarships for student leaders.
  • Open to domestic and international students.
  • Includes annual renewables for tuition, books, room, board, and transportation.
  • Includes $6,000 for study abroad or an extraordinary learning experience.
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Afidavit Institute of Judicial Practice Offers Fully-Funded Science and Law School Scholarships

  • Scholarships are available for students under the 1000 QS University rank.
  • Sponsors international students to study free in science or law schools.
  • Open to bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD studies.
  • The application process is available online.
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United World Scholarships Programme

  • Offers up to eight-semester scholarships.
  • Attracts academically talented world citizens.
  • Attracts the University of Florida’s freshman population.
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US Scholarship Application Without IELTS

  • Basic requirements: good command of written and spoken English.
  • IELTS or TOEFL may not be necessary.

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