May 19, 2024
Job Canada: Welder

Job Canada: Welder

Job: welder
Company: Hooper Welding Enterprises Ltd.
Location: Hamilton, ON
Salary: $31.50 an hour
Job Type: Permanent, Part-Time, Full-Time

Lack of a degree, certificate, or certification in education
Experience: three to five years or less


Use completely automated, semi-automated, or manual welding equipment.
Examine and comprehend welding requirements, instructions, procedures, drawings, and blueprints.
Utilize automatic or semi-automated flame-cutting machinery.
Use brakes, shears, and other equipment for bending, straightening, and shaping metal.
Utilize previously configured welding equipment to create or fix metal goods and parts.
Equipment for brazing, soldering, and welding should be maintained and occasionally repaired.

Kind of substances

Alloys made of aluminum
Steel made of stainless steel

Welding methods

Metal arc shielded welding (SMAW)
TIG (gas tungsten arc welding)
Arc welding of gas metal (GMAW)
FCAW, or flux core arc welding
Arc welding with plasma (PAW)
Arc welding submerged (SAW)

Experience with machinery and equipment

Arc welding apparatus
Resistance welding machine for the butt or seam
Equipment for welding gas

Domain of expertise

Bespoke production
Repairing machinery or equipment
Building and repairing ships
Vessels under pressure
Building structures
Duration of Work: Permanent language: English Hours per week: forty-two

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