May 29, 2024

Percy Martinez Cultural Diversity Scholarship in the United States 2023–2024. Right now applications 2023/2024 Scholarship for Cultural Diversity in Percy Martinez are accessible to international students signed up for American universities. Applying for this scholarship will assist international students with paying for their investigations at Harvard University, Berkeley University of California, Northwestern University, and other top universities.

Because of his broad involvement with a wide range of ventures, Percy Martinez knows about the worth of social responsiveness in the present overall society. This scholarship means to help individuals who are focused on building fellowship, propelling multifaceted comprehension, and regarding the different textures of international traditions.


Sponsor(s) of the scholarship: Percy Martinez
Universities in the USA are the host institution(s).
Awarded Scholarship: $5,000
Several awards were given out.
Undergraduates as a study group
Nationality: Local & Foreign Students

Scholarship for Cultural Diversity offered by Percy Martinez | Requirements

The accompanying necessities should be met by competitors to be qualified for this scholarship:

Education: This grant is accessible to all candidates, incorporating people who are in secondary school, undergraduate students, and ongoing graduates.
Support in Cultural Exercises: Candidates ought to:
have chipped in or participated in drives for cultural trade.
showed an unequivocal longing to progress intercultural understanding.
coordinated or participated in events that honor variety.
Suggestions: You’ll require two letters of support. These can emerge from professors, local authorities, or different specialists who can bear witness to the candidate’s obligation to progress multicultural congruity.

Application Methods

How-to-Apply: Those who are interested in participating in this wonderful opportunity must:

Communicating one’s thoughts Select a concise essay (400-600 words) or a video (3-4 minutes) to answer the accompanying: locally with different societies, how might you empower understanding and concordance? Share an undertaking proposition or an individual story.
Complete and present the internet-based application structure along with the concise exposition and some other data.

Deadline for Applications: December 31, 2023

Apply On The Official Scholarship Website

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