May 29, 2024

Woodrow Wilson Center Fellowship Programme 2023. Fuel Your Research Ambitions: Woodrow Wilson Center Fellowship Programme 2023 – Unleashing Scholarly Excellence Worldwide. By promoting outstanding scholarship and tying that scholarship to problems that matter to Washington officials, the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars aims to bring together the worlds of ideas and policy. As the official, national memorial to President Wilson, Congress established the Center in 1968.

It is a living memorial that honors “the ideals and concerns of Woodrow Wilson through work and scholarship, unlike the physical monuments in the nation’s capital. President Wilson believed that the two roles of scholar and policymaker were “engaged in a common enterprise” because he was both a renowned academic and a leader of the nation. ” His ideas about the necessity of bridging the gap between the world of ideas and public policy are now taken seriously by the Center because doing so would enrich both fields of endeavor and would allow each to benefit from the other’s experience.

The Center is distinctive because of this ongoing conversation between public policy and academia. In addition to its residential program, the Center also conducts research through its programs, hosts conferences, and seminars, and disseminates the results of its work and the research of its fellows via its website and email marketing. The Center extends an invitation to Fellows to attend its seminars, conferences, and meetings so they can take advantage of the rich exchange of ideas that occurs there.


The Center offers a nine-month fellowship with a stipend of $90,000. Both travel and health insurance costs are the responsibility of the fellows.


  • Open to nationals or residents of any country (applicants from nations outside the United States must have a current passport and be able to obtain a J-1 visa even if they are already in the United States). If you have any inquiries about your ability to apply for a J1 visa, get in touch with the Center.
  • Academic candidates must be post-doctoral and have published a book or monograph after receiving their doctorate. D. dissertation.
  • Practitioners or policymakers who have achieved a comparable level of professional success.
  • English fluency is a requirement for admission to the Center, which promotes discussion among participants.

Application Documents That Are Needed

The Following Must Be Included In a Complete Application:

  • The application for a fellowship.
  • A current CV (no more than three pages); The Center will only accept the first three pages; list your publications separately. If there are any gaps in your CV, feel free to explain them. You can also include a section about any honors or opportunities you were offered but did not take because of them or for other reasons. They are aware that these occurrences do take place and that no two CVs are alike.
  • A list of your publications (no longer than three pages) that includes the precise titles, names of the publishers, dates of publication, and the status of any upcoming publications.
  • The Center reserves the right to omit applications that are longer than the requested page length from review. A project proposal (maximum five single-spaced typed pages, 12-point type).
  • A bibliography for the project (no longer than three pages) that lists both primary sources and pertinent secondary sources.
  • Two reference letters.

There is an English language requirement for all application materials.

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