June 14, 2024

University of Manitoba Financial Aid and Awards for Study in Canada 2023/2024. Applications are being accepted from exceptional and interested applicants who wish to take advantage of the University of Manitoba’s Financial Aid & Grants for International Students at the start of the academic year. The University of Manitoba recognizes academic achievement and provides global understudy grants and bursaries to assist students in need.

Every year, $30 million is awarded to first-year students at the University of Manitoba. Value of UM awards given out each year, $10 million value of UM bursaries given out each year to around 2800 students The UM awards database has a large number of awards.

Sponsor(s) of the scholarship: University of Manitoba, Canada

Institution: The University of Manitoba, Canada is the host institution.

Scholarship Value: $240,000 available each year

Total number of awards: 2800

Award Type: Undergraduate and postgraduate studies

Country: All nationalities are welcome.

The University of Manitoba offers students more than $30 million in scholarships and bursaries each year in the form of financial aid and awards. For you to be able to focus on your study, learn how to obtain funds.

Every year, thousands of scholarships are awarded to University of Manitoba students based on their academic achievements, areas of interest, community activity, and other factors. Find out more about the scholarships available to you so you can pay for your college expenses.

Criteria for Eligibility
For the University of Manitoba Financial Aid and Awards for International Students, applicants must complete the following requirements:

International students must apply.

  • Full-time students are typically eligible for scholarships based on academic success and course load.
  • To be eligible for an admission scholarship, students must enroll in at least 24 credit hours at the University of Manitoba in the current academic year.
  • Students should sign up for and complete something like 80% of a full course inside the ongoing scholastic year to fit the bill for grants.
  • As expressed in the details of the grant by the giver or a benefactor specialist, there are a few course load prohibitions that apply.

Graduate understudies are excluded from credit hour essentials on the off chance that they are enrolled as full-time understudies with the Personnel of Graduate Examinations during the pre-winter and winter terms.
Students with financial need may apply for bursaries. Bursary applications will be available through Aurora in mid-August and will be due on October 1.

Procedures for Making Applications
How to Apply
: You are automatically considered for entry scholarships when you submit an application for admission to the university. Others demand the application of a different program. Please carefully study each award’s characteristics before applying as eligibility restrictions and submission procedures differ for each prize.

Application Deadline: October 01, 2023

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