May 26, 2024

Indeed Job: Fabrication Welder. In the complex domain of modern craftsmanship, the Fabrication Welder remains as an imperative craftsman, combining different metals with accuracy and artfulness. This job requires a mixture of aptitude including metallurgy, diagram translation, and capable control of curve welding contraption. Creating fantastic designs and unpredictable apparatus requires the Fabrication Welder to merge creativity with designing sharpness. This multi-layered livelihood coaxes those with an intensity for merging liquid metals, an eye for unpredictable detail, and a relentless obligation to underlying honesty.

Company: R F Bakery Equipment Ltd
Location: Coquitlam, BC
Salary: $28–$35 an hour
Job Type: Full-time, Permanent,
Shift & schedule: Overtime, On Call

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Work nuances

This is the manner in which the work nuances line up with your work tendencies.

Supervise work tendencies at whatever point in your profile.


  • Pulled from the full anticipated set of liabilities
  • Dental thought
  • Expanded clinical benefits
  • Additional security
  • Work Term: Very tough
  • Work Language: English
  • Hours: 40 hours of the week
  • Tutoring: Various trades confirmation or endorsement
  • Experience: 5 years or more

Work setting

  • Produce


  • Unravel welding process points of interest
  • Work manual or self-loader, totally motorized welding equipment
  • Examine and unravel welding frames, drawings judgments, manuals and cycles
  • Take a gander at welds and assurance that they fulfill rules and moreover points of interest
  • Work manual or self-loader fire cutting stuff
  • Work brakes, shears and other metal trim, fixing and curving machines
  • Fit, braze and consume fix metal
  • Work oxygen round portion cutting equipment (twist air), (AOC)
  • Choose weldability of materials
  • Work raising and lifting equipment
  • Stir as of late set-up welding machines to fabricate or fix metal parts and things
  • Stir as of late set-up brazing or affixing machines to bond metal or to fill openings, spaces and wrinkles of metal
  • Stay aware of and perform minor fixes on welding, brazing and restricting equipment

Announcements, licenses, cooperations, and courses

Welder Trade Red Seal Announcement

Kind of materials

  • Aluminum combinations
  • Tempered steel
  • Steel, iron and significant metals

Welding techniques

  • Oxy-acetylene welding (OAW)
  • Gas tungsten bend welding (GTAW) (TIG)
  • Gas metal bend welding (GMAW)

Stuff and equipment experience

  • Bend welding machine
  • Gas welding machine
  • Spot welding machine

Area of specialization

  • Custom creation
  • Device or equipment fix
  • Factory assembly

Security and prosperity

  • Criminal record check

Transportation/travel information

  • Authentic driver’s licence

Work conditions and genuine capacities

  • Expedient environment
  • Dreary tasks
  • Dealing with significant weights
  • Truly mentioning
  • Manual skill
  • Carefulness
  • Hand-eye co-arrangement
  • Sitting
  • Addressing extended periods
  • Extra time required

Weight managing

Up to 23 kg (50 lbs)

Own gadgets/equipment

  • Gadgets
  • Steel-toed security boots

Individual sensibility

  • Client focus
  • Capable social capacities
  • Mind-boggling oral correspondence
  • Mind-boggling created correspondence
  • Flexibility
  • Facilitated
  • Agreeable individual

Screening questions

  • Is it valid or not that you are free for shift or accessible for potential crises work?
  • Might it at some point be said that you are at present honestly prepared to work in Canada?
  • Do you at present live in the area to the plugged region?
  • Do you have past inclusion with this field of work?
  • Do you have the above-exhibited required affirmations?
  • What is the most raised degree of study you have wrapped up?

Clinical benefits

  • Dental course of action
  • Failure benefits
  • Clinical benefits plan

Long stretch advantages

  • Pack assurance benefits
  • Debacle insurance

Various benefits

Free halting open
Halting open

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