June 20, 2024

Netherlands Advises Citizens to Leave Ukraine

The Netherlands joined the list of countries leaving Ukraine, advising its citizens to leave as soon as possible owing to the country’s security situation. The Dutch broadcaster BNR reported on Friday that the Dutch ambassador in Kiev, Jennes de Mol, had encouraged Dutch nationals in Ukraine to leave as soon as possible due to the country’s security situation.

He also stated that the Netherlands’ diplomatic mission will be relocated from Kiev, Ukraine’s capital, to Lovio, in western Ukraine.

Meanwhile, NATO plans to beef up its presence in Eastern Europe near Ukraine, according to sources close to the Western military alliance, according to the Deutsche Presse-Agentur GmbH (dpa). This action reflects Russia’s desire that the alliance not be expanded to include the United States.

According to dpa, NATO’s 30 members signed a relevant proposal this week following weeks of deliberation. The decision will be verified and announced during the NATO military ministers’ meeting in Brussels next week, according to the news agency, and could be implemented within weeks.

NATO intends to station more troops near countries like Romania. Several fighter jets from the United States have already been deployed in the Eastern European country.


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