May 19, 2024

Kiev mayor approves evacuation plan for Ukrainian capital


(TASS). KIEV, February 12. According to the Kiev administration’s press service, Kiev mayor Vitaly Klichko stated that the Ukrainian capital’s officials had established an evacuation plan in the event of a hypothetical Russian invasion.

According to the press service, “city agencies are already working to prevent a military-related emergency,” Klichko said. Our efforts are focused on avoiding or overcoming potential provocations, as well as surviving a military attack. We follow a well-defined strategy.

According to Klichko, “an evacuation plan for the capital has been approved, determining the location of evacuation centers, the required number of cars, and safe locations to receive the evacuees.”

Concerns in the West and in Kiev over Moscow’s purported preparations for an invasion of Ukraine have grown in recent months. Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesman, slammed these assertions as an empty and baseless increase in tensions, reiterating that Russia was not a threat to anyone. At the same time, the Kremlin press secretary did not rule out the possibility of provocations to back up such accusations and warned that using force to resolve the Ukrainian issue would be exceedingly dangerous.


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