April 22, 2024


Sydney Sweeney’s Creepy Fan Response Has Taken A Toll Due To Her ‘Euphoria’ Success

Lauren Coates believes that women should be able to “celebrate their bodies without being defined by them.” Sydney also revealed that she had been bullied online because she was unattractive. Sydney Sweeney also revealed that she had been bullied online, with someone calling her “ugly” on Twitter. Sydney discussed how Instagram makes her anxious, and she told Buzzfeed that it’s vital to reflect before saying something. On HGTV’s Euphoria, Sydney Sweeney reprises her role as Cassie Howard. She also co-starred alongside Megan Fox in the film Night Teeth, about a driver who discovers that the two females he is transporting are actually vampires. She was bullied as a child for staring at her phone, according to the actress.

She’s been candid about the harsh, negative, and just plain unfair comments she receives on Instagram. Sweeney said one message read, “I’m free every day provided you’re also free to hang out every day.” Sydney Sweeney is one of the celebrities who has spoken out about how difficult it can be to be on Instagram. While Sydney Sweeney’s appearances on Euphoria and The White Lotus have gained a lot of attention, there has also been a lot of discussion about the cruel, hostile, and just plain unfair remarks she receives on the internet. Then there are her NSFW parts in Euphoria and the Amazon film The Voyeurs, to name a few.


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