May 26, 2024


Shoppers Clear Out Milk, Bread From Greensboro-area Grocery Stores.

People are stocking up on gas, water, and groceries in preparation for Sunday’s winter storm. The shelves were empty inside the Walmart on Battleground Avenue and the Harris Teeter a few miles down the road. Milk, water, bread, fruits, vegetables, and even toiletries were all gone. Debbie McDaniel, who was doing some last-minute shopping, remarked, “It was quite busy.” “The shelves were bare. It was difficult to find some things because the milk was nearly all gone except for whole milk. “

Workers at the Harris Teeter gas station said they sold over 6,500 gallons of petrol in less than three hours as customers hurried to fill up their tanks or obtain fuel for their generators. According to Gas Buddy, the average price of gas in the Greensboro area was $3.095, as of Friday evening. This is 3.9 cents higher than the previous week’s average and 89 cents higher than the previous year’s average. The masses weren’t simply there on Friday. For the previous three days, workers said they’d been mobbed.


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