April 10, 2024


Bitcoin Drops 7% and Drops Below $40,000, Two Possible Reasons.

You may have noticed, but the Bitcoin price was quite difficult to determine shortly before bedtime last night. The Nasdaq has fallen 3.3 percent in the last 24 hours, while the S& P 500 has fallen 1.9 percent. The price decline from last night to this morning could be linked to similar losses in the stock market. A coefficient of 1 indicates that both sources are acting like Ronald de Frank de Boer, but a coefficient of 1 indicates that one is trailing. The Federal Reserve of the United States has announced that interest rates will be raised in the coming months.

The computing capacity of Bitcoin has decreased due to unrest in Kazakhstan. During the internet outage in Kazakhstan, processing power declined from a peak of 194 EH/s on January 4 to 168 EHL/s, according to Coinwarz data. The drop in global computer power online is most likely due to internet censorship.


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