May 20, 2024

The latest thriller by Hillary Clinton and Louise Penny is a page-turner.

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny wrote the geopolitical thriller “State of Terror.” Penny is known to have authored more complex mysteries, while Clinton has never released a novel. It comes after “The President’s Daughter,” the second collaboration between former President Bill Clinton and James Patterson.

This type of mashup-a pro and an amateur on “Dancing with the Stars”-works for the Clintons. The plot is dense, and keeping track of the complicated cast can be challenging. Ellen travels the world meeting with world leaders in a quest to prevent nuclear bombs from exploding. The authors have a lot of fun with red herrings. Ellen employs her status as a supposedly inept middle-aged lady as a covert weapon.

“The State of Terror” may transport Penny Clinton to an imagined new world, but its imprint is everywhere. This is the “vast right-wing conspiracy” that Clinton originally mentioned years ago, and it has become even larger and more right-wing. While Clinton skillfully settles old political disputes, he also softly honors women’s later-life mutual support. The ending suggests that this is the beginning of a fictional friendship.


Lyall, S. (2021, October 11). Book Review: ‘State Of Terror,’ By Hillary Rodham Clinton And Louise Penny – The New York Times. Hillary Clinton and Louise Penny Deliver a Page-Turner Part Sly, Part Sweet.

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