April 22, 2024


The Horrific Story: Gabby Petito is Strangled to Death, Coroner Says

Gabby Petito died of strangulation three to four weeks before her body was discovered, according to Dr. Brent Blue of the Teton County Medical Examiner’s Office at a press conference on Tuesday. Blue refused to say whether she thought her ex-boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, was involved. He explained, “They’re simply in charge of determining the cause and way of death.” Only the reason of death, strangulation, and mode of death, murder, would be revealed under Wyoming law.

On September 21, Blue pronounced his death a homicide for the first time. “In a scenario like this, nothing is evident,” he explained, “therefore the cause of death needs research.” Due to the complexity of the investigation, the Wyoming coroner stated that it took weeks to give the final findings. Blue stated that he conducted a full body scan and toxicological tests and that a forensic pathologist and an anthropologist were also present. Blue stated that Petito was not pregnant at the time of her death but otherwise refused to answer most of the reporters’ inquiries.

What they might have said about Petito’s physical condition, he remarked: “I can only speculate that his body has been in the desert for three or four weeks. He has also noticed the amount of attention this matter is receiving online and in the media. “It’s a shame that not many deaths receive the same kind of attention as this one. “Gabby Petito’s death at such a young age is a tragedy,” Laundrie family lawyer Steven Bertolino told NewsNation.

Although Brian Laundrie is currently charged with illegal use of Gabby Petito’s debit card, Brian is merely considered a person of interest in connection with Gabby’s death. “For the time being, Brian is still missing, and when he is discovered, we will deal with the fraud claims against him.” Petito disappeared while driving across the countryside with his boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, in a converted RV. The expedition was well-publicized until it came to an unexpected halt, most likely in Wyoming.

The majority of their voyage, which began in July, was filmed on a YouTube Vlog called “VAN LIFE.” Authorities have been searching for Petito’s lover for weeks, and new details about the case have emerged. Brian Laundrie’s parents say they last saw him on September 13, when he drove the automobile on a 24,000-acre Florida reserve. “We have to discover something,” North Port Police Officer Josh Taylor said on Friday to NewsNationNow.com. “I believe there is a lot of focus on this.

I’m not sure if this will become a cold business. We will continue to look. We may spend a long time searching for this Carlton reservation and the lands surrounding it. The FBI issued a warrant for the laundry’s arrest. He is wanted to “using an illegal access device” in connection with his activities following Petito’s death. The FBI claims that on August 30 and September 11, it used a debit card and PIN to gain access to two bank accounts.


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