April 23, 2024
Scholarship One Young World BP Net Zero 2024

Scholarship One Young World BP Net Zero 2024

Scholarship One Young World BP Net Zero 2024

Appropriately qualified people are now accepting applications for the Scholarship One Young World BP Net Zero 2024. This scholarship will help to ensure a smooth and expeditious transition from a carbon-neutral to a more balanced global energy system. BP aims to help the global community achieve net zero and become a net zero corporation by 2050, if not before. This entails significantly lowering carbon emissions from the business’s operations and output while developing new low-carbon ventures, goods, and services. You can read more about BP’s goals and aspirations here.

Scholarship Overview:

  • Sponsor: One Young World bp
  • Host: One Young World
  • Funding: Multiple Awards
  • Study Level: PhD and MSc
  • Nationality: International students

One Young World BP Net Zero Scholarship Application Requirements

  • Age range: 18–30.
  • Citizenship: All nations.
  • Dedication to constructive change.
  • Leadership ability.
  • Understanding of regional and global issues.
  • Influence: supporting climate change legislation.
  • Improvement of low-carbon energy sources.
  • Expansion of low-carbon energy supply.
  • Innovation for emission reduction in cities, homes, and businesses.

Net Zero Scholars Scholarship Benefits

  • Entry to Montréal’s One Young World Summit in 2024.
  • Hotel accommodation from September 17–21, 2024.
  • Flights from Montréal to Montréal.
  • Catering for breakfast, lunch, and supper.
  • Access to customized business partner programs.

Scholarship Seeking Influencers

  • Promoting progressive climate policies.
  • Improving low-carbon energy sources like solar and wind.
  • Expanding low-carbon energy availability.
  • Developing new emission reduction methods in homes, communities, towns, and businesses.

One Young World BP Net Zero Scholarship Application Process

  • Eligibility requirements should be met online.
  • Connects with young inventors rethinking energy.
  • It aims to benefit the world and people.

Deadline for application: Not Specified

Visit the scholarship website.

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