June 20, 2024
Scholarships for Croatian Study Without Taking the IELTS in 2024

Scholarships for Croatian Study Without Taking the IELTS in 2024. One of the European nations eminent for its first-class educational systems is Croatia, which might offer unfamiliar students a first-rate degree alongside the comfort of paying less to study there. International students can apply for top scholarships to study in Croatia without taking the IELTS. Because of the many benefits proposed to students, Croatia has gained prominence as a study-abroad area for international students.

Studying in Croatia: Advantages and Benefits

  • Over 50 English-taught programs.
  • Over 250 professional courses.
  • Scholarship opportunities.
  • A large English-speaking population.
  • Employment opportunities during the study.
  • Easy access to jobs in Croatia and EU countries post-graduation.

List of Scholarships for Croatian Study Without Taking the IELTS in 2024

International students who need to study for undergraduate and graduate degrees in Croatia can apply for various scholarships. These are a couple of the scholarships that are presented in Croatia; they may be completely supported or halfway.

Bilateral Education Scholarships in Croatia

  • The Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes and the Ministry of Science and Education offers scholarships to international students, teachers, and research fellows.
  • Scholarships are for higher education students and university staff conducting research or teaching activities.
  • Scholarships are valid from October 1, 2023, to September 30, 2024, with July and August excluded.

Erasmus+ Scholarship Program Overview

  • European Agency-funded program for university students to study, research, or intern abroad.
  • Supports student and academic staff mobility projects.
  • Funds most outgoing and incoming mobility in Croatia.
  • Conducted by the Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes in Croatia.
  • Does not require students to submit IELTS test scores.

CEEPUS Scholarship Programs Overview

  • Multilateral university exchange program.
  • Grants mobility grants to students and teachers from partner institutions.
  • Main activity: student/teacher exchange within CEEPUS networks.
  • Call for network applications each academic year; no IELTS scores are required.

Croatian Government Scholarships Overview

  • Offer fully funded studies and research opportunities in Croatian HEIs and research institutes.
  • Support international students pursuing undergraduate, master’s, or PhD studies.

Zagreb School of Economics and Management Scholarships

  • Offers international scholarships for bachelor’s and MBA programs.
  • Open to students from the USA, New Zealand, South America, Canada, Pakistan, Bangladesh, African countries, and Australia.

Croatian Scholarship Application Process

  • International students must provide proof of their English language proficiency.
  • A waiver of the English language requirement is available for students who have previously studied an all-English-taught course.
  • Natives of English-speaking countries are exempt from the English language requirement.

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