May 19, 2024
Scholarships for International Students with Ampère Excellence

Scholarships for International Students with Ampère Excellence

Scholarships for International Students with Ampère Excellence. The Ampère Scholarships of Excellence allow deserving international students the opportunity to sign up for any of the Master’s degrees at ENS de Lyon that meet the requirements.

Organization: ENS de Lyon
Degree Level: Master’s
Deadline: January 17, 2024 (yearly)
Study in France
September 2024 is the start date of the course.
Target: International Students
Scholarship Awards: 20

Study Level and Field(s):

ENS de Lyon’s all master’s certificate programs in the humanities, social sciences, or accurate sciences (aside from the FEADÉP Master’s degrees).

Furthermore, for the top worldwide students chosen for a Master’s certificate in any of the accompanying graduate initiatives and master’s programs, either in M1 or M2, ENS de Lyon offers the GRADUATE PLUS Scholarship (1,000€ each month for a considerable length of time):

  • European studies and high-level economics in the Center (Conflicts and Recompositions in a Globalized World).
  • DynLifeSys: Biosciences and Biosciences for Complex System Demonstration (Multiscale Dynamics of Organic Systems)
  • MathInfi: application page (Mathematics, Foundations of PC Sciences, and Interactions)
  • M2 exclusively for Speed (Physics, Astro, Chemistry, and Earth): Synthesis of Natural Matter and Chemistry of Molecules, Earth, Planetary, and Ecological Sciences The fields of bioactive, sea, atmospheric, and environment sciences incorporate cosmology, optics, and photonics, M2 sea, and M2 atmosphere.

Scholarship term and value:

For a year, the scholarship is worth €1,000 each month. Assuming the up-and-comer is chosen by the master’s program head and verifies the master’s year one, it is sustainable in the second year.


To be considered for admission to the first year of a Master’s program (M1), candidates must demonstrate that they hold an L3 certificate (single man, 180 ECTS) or a comparable level if they have studied overseas. Applicants must demonstrate that they hold an M1 degree (240 ECTS) or, for those who have studied overseas, an identical level to be considered for admission to the second year of a Master’s program (M2).

Application guidelines:

By January 17, 2024, you must apply on the web, finish up the application, and provide any necessary supporting documentation.

It is essential to get the application structure and comprehensive instructions on the most proficient method to apply for this scholarship by visiting the authority website (interface given below).

Visit The Official Scholarship Website

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