May 26, 2024

Scholarships for Masters at ENS de Lyon in France 2024. For international students with outstanding scholastic records who need to sign up for their master’s programs in the specific sciences, the arts, humanities, and social sciences (aside from FEADÉP Master’s programs), the ENS de Lyon and its partners annually give various scholarships. For rewards in 2024, the following call for applications starts on December 1.

Every one of the Master’s programs (aside from FEADÉP Master’s programs) is qualified for the ENS de Lyon Ampère Scholarships of Greatness, which are esteemed at 1,000 euros each month for one scholastic year (sustainable under specific conditions).


Sponsor(s) of the scholarship: ENS de Lyon, France
The University of Lyon is the host institution.
A year’s scholarship worth 1,000 euros is accessible.
Several awards were given out.
Masters and PhD levels of study
Student Status: International

Grants and scholarships presented by ENS de Lyon | Details

There are numerous ways to pay for your schooling, including grants and scholarships for PhDs and Master’s degrees.

Master’s Certification Financing: Awards of Greatness
Step-by-step instructions to pay for your PhD: Different grants
Standard Status

Scholarship MILYON:

High-level mathematics and essential software engineering are qualified master’s programs. The cost is €1,000 each month for a considerable length of time.
QuanTEdu-France Scholarship:

Physics, high-level mathematics, and crucial software engineering are suitable for master’s programs. Sum: 1,000 euros each month for an entire year.
qualification requirements
The accompanying models must be met by applicants for their applications to be assessed for ENS de Lyon

Grants and Scholarships:

  • Applicants from each country.
  • Applicants for the university’s master’s and doctoral programs
  • To meet all requirements for admission to the first year of a Master’s program (M1), candidates must demonstrate that they have an L3 certificate (Single man’s, 180 ECTS), or on the other hand assuming that they have studied abroad, a comparable level.
  • A M1 degree (240 ECTS) or, for applicants who have studied abroad, an equivalent level, must be demonstrated to be considered for admission to the second year of a Master’s program (M2).
  • Those who are ready to sign up for a full-time program
  • The candidate can’t currently be the beneficiary of a scholarship.

Application Methods

Instructions for Applying: Snap on the accompanying connect to access the internet-based application structure, which you must first register for. Applicants should finish it up and submit it. You will want to connect and access the structure after registration. Applications received after the end date will not be thought about.

These documents are required:

  • Two letters of suggestion (in French or English) from academics who know about your work are required. Assuming you can’t transfer the letters, the professors might send them to you by email at (with the title of the archive bearing both your name and the master’s favorite)
  • Letter of Inspiration Educational Program Vitae
  • Documents must be in French or English to be endorsed. Declaration of diplomas and degrees previously acquired (ex: four-year certification) On the off chance that the record is not in English or French, you must offer a legitimate translation in those languages.
  • Documents must be in English or French to be acknowledged by the university. If the record is not in English or French, you must offer a definitive translation in those languages.
  • During this year: verification of enlistment—just French or English documents are satisfactory.

PLEASE NOTE: If the required recognition for Master’s admission is not currently accessible, it must be sent (compulsorily) before the start of the scholarly year.

Application Deadline Time: Unknown

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