April 22, 2024


Drew Carey Reveals Last Text Message He Got From Amie Harwick Before Her Murder

“I’m delighted I was able to deliver that message to her before she passed away.” Drew Carey has revealed his last discussion with ex-fiancee Amie Harwick, which took place only days before her untimely death. On February 15, 2020, Dr. Harwick, a well-known sex therapist, sadly perished after being tossed from a third-floor balcony.

Gareth Pursehouse, Harwick’s ex-boyfriend, was arrested and accused of her murder. He entered a not guilty plea. After a year of dating, Carey and Harwick were temporarily engaged in 2018. Carey discusses text messages they exchanged in the days leading up to her murder in a preview for “48 Hours” upcoming “The Final Houses of Amie Harwick” program.

“I got a text from her that said, ‘I would love to get together with you and chat.’ I love you,” Carey replied when asked if he was disappointed he “never got that chance.” “I was never able to obtain it.” He stated, “I never had an opportunity to do it.” That’s the major solace I got from it, is that she loved me,” Carey remarked after reporter Erin Moriarty noted that Harwick did love him.

GettyDrew Carey Pays Emotional Radio Tribute to Ex-Wife Amie Harwick Observe the story. Carey told The Talk shortly after her murder that he spoke up about coming to terms with her death to contestants on “The Price Is Right” during “Kids Week.” While Carey stated that he wishes her assailant had “never done it” and “never met” Amie, he also stated that forgiving “doesn’t mean you have to hang out with them or be their friend.”


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