April 24, 2024


Lions rookie Derrick Barnes was among the children mentored by Andrew Whitworth

On Thursday night, Rams offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth accepted the Walter Payton Man of the Year award, and in accepting it, he related a tale of how a player can make a difference off the field. The incident occurred during this season’s Rams-Lions game when Lions rookie Derrick Barnes approached Whitworth on the field to remind him of the significant impact he had on Barnes’ life years earlier.

Early in his career, the 40-year-old Whitworth played in Cincinnati, where he mentored Barnes, who grew up in the neighborhood. by TaboolaThe Bengals are still “kind of shielding” Jackson Carman, and we hope he accomplishes more in the future. Because of the heavy winds, the Rams may have to shift practice to the Rose Bowl later this week.

ProfootballTalk Mike McDaniel’s Dolphins are expected to add Wes Welker to their coaching staff, ProFootballTalk. According to ProFootballTalk, Josh Boyer will remain the defensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins. In his award speech, Whitworth said, “One experience this year brought it all together for me, and it happened on a football field.” “My name is Derrick Barnes,” he says. Whitworth urged all NFL players to think about how they might improve the lives of children in their communities.


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