May 22, 2024


Who Are the Real Insurrectionists?

Joe Biden’s views on the economy, energy, international policy, the border, and COVID-19 have all lost favor among the general public. Republicans will “destroy democracy” or stage a coup in 2022 or 2024, according to the left. Who is the perpetrator of the new racial discrimination? Many local and state-mandated quarantines and bans on public gatherings were simply violated in summer 2020. Never before had a president been impeached twice or tried as a private individual in the Senate?

The Left went even further, impeaching Trump without a special counsel report, proper hearings, witnesses, or cross-examinations. Who is it that is breaking federal civil rights laws? The Biden administration has not requested that illegal immigrants be tested or vaccinated against COVID-19. If they do not get vaccinated, all US citizens in the military and employed by the federal government face dismissal. Millions of immigrants are protected by “sanctuary city” governments after illegally entering the United States. Avlonne: As a result, Third World-style judiciary emerges, focused on rewarding friends and punishing foes while masquerading as social justice service.


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