May 27, 2024


Julie Bowen Says She'd Come Out of Dating 'Retirement' for Harry Styles: 'Look at Him!'

Julie Bowen has a famous crush who would make her break her no-dating rule. The Modern Family veteran, 51, discussed why she’s quit dating in an interview with guest presenter Adam DeVine on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She described her present romantic situation as “quite single.” Do you know who that dog is? Gertrude Stein, whose images were featured in the episode, claimed it was her retirement gift. It’s now on my terms. ” Bowen then said that she had a thing on Harry Styles.

“Word on the street is that you have a little bit of a crush on me,” said DeVine, who also revealed that Bowen attended Styles’ Fine Line tour in November. “Are you asking if I’d come out of [dating] hibernation for Harry Styles?” Bowen reacted. “Yes, absolutely. So, what about him?Take a look at him! ” Harry Styles, Julie Bowen She revealed what she appreciates about the “Watermelon Sugar” singer as photographs of him performing were shown—one with a butterfly tattoo on his chest, even distracting Bowen from the conversation.

“He’s got that same energy as Twitch,” she remarked, referring to Stephen “Twitch” Boss. “They’re so attractive and seductive, but there’s so much joy that you don’t feel dirty about what’s going on in your pants.” When it comes to Styles, he’s simply delivering happiness, sunshine, and watermelon sugar. You just get a wonderful feeling about the whole thing. ” Styles has been dating Olivia Wilde for a while now. Bowen was previously married for 13 years to real estate businessman Scott Phillips, but the couple divorced in February 2018. Oliver, 14; and twins John and Gustav, both 12; are the exes’ three sons.


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