May 25, 2024


Stan Kroenke Offered $100 Million To Settle Rams Lawsuit In St. Louis

According to Front Office Sports’ A.J. Perez, Kroenke has offered $100 million to resolve the pending lawsuit in St. Louis over the Rams’ move. According to Perez, the offer was part of the presentation during the NFL Owners meeting in October, but there was no indication of when it was offered to the St. Louis legal team.

The alleged offer was turned down, and the case is still on schedule to go to trial in January unless a settlement is reached. Other owners in the league have been “underwhelmed” by Kroenke’s failure to resolve the litigation, according to Perez. St. Louis turned down a $100 million offer from Rams owner Stan Kroenke to settle the relocation case.

Owners of @FOS are angry that Kroenke hasn’t resolved the issue, according to sources, and there’s little desire to help Kroenke financially. According to current Rams litigation news, the NFL and Kroenke’s attempt to shift the impending trial out of St. Louis was refused by the Missouri court of appeals. The league has already challenged various rulings in the litigation to the court of appeals but has been unsuccessful.


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