May 20, 2024

Wolverines Robbed Of Touch Down Against Michigan State.

Michigan football fans haven’t moved on from the 2016 Ohio State game, in which the Wolverines were denied a victory over their main rival, a Major Ten East title, and a likely trip to the School Football Season finisher when officials allowed JT Barrett to get a first down despite being clearly short. Huge Ten officials put Michigan football in a horrible spot again on Saturday, and hopefully, it won’t come back to plague the Wolverines as much as it did that day.

MSU quarterback Payton Thorne mishandled the ball after a David Ojabo sack in the second quarter of the Michigan football-Michigan State game, and Aidan Hutchinson recovered it in the end zone for a touchdown, making the score 27-14. Clearly, there was a survey, and it clashed with the Wolverines, as Huge Ten audits seemingly always do, despite the lack of strong visual proof. Regardless, when the refs began taking forever, you knew they were planning to remove the score off the board, and it was a crime.

When Thorne was hit, he can be seen gripping the football with his lower leg on the ground, but the ball was clearly moving by that point, and the shot of him with his foot on the ground doesn’t show the ball. Indeed, even Fox commentator Joel Klatt couldn’t accept that the call was canceled solely because of a lack of evident proof, given that it was a score. With that viewpoint, there’s no way this call could have been thrown out.

Michigan football supporters, on the other hand, were not surprised. It’s not all bad for the Big Ten, which is so awful at administering that it missed Aidan Hutchinson’s seemingly 1,000,000 holding approaches last week. They stole his score this week, and as a result, Michigan football is only up 23-14, rather than up by at least 13.


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