May 16, 2024


Sixers Notebook: Goes Without  Saying 76ers keep an eye on Trae Young.

The Atlanta Hawks dominated three-season finale contests at the Wells Fargo Center the previous spring, eliminating the 76ers from the postseason. Doc Streams calculated that his group might remember something in some way. “I didn’t talk about it,” Waterways said following a grueling 122-94 victory on Saturday night. “I didn’t think it was necessary.” Waterways guaranteed the Sixers didn’t make the same mistakes that cost them a position in the last Eastern Gathering finals, although not harping on a tragic crossroads in establishment history. He made it clear to the Sixers that Trae Young would not be allowed to coast openly into the path and make a play.

The Sixers limited Tyrese Maxey to a 5-for-16 shooting for 13 points after he was assigned first duty and received a lot of help throughout the game. Three turnovers were submitted by Youthful. “We just told you to put as much pressure on Trae as you could,” Waterways added. “Given Trae’s precarious situation, it must be brilliant pressure.” Simply keep looking for it. The best part was that in the pick and roll, we kept looking for and challenging each other. “I thought we were excellent,” says the player. With Youthful stifled early, the Sixers maintained control throughout the night to win their second game in a row.

Tobias Harris, who led the team with 22 points, remarked, “I believed towards evening time we had a decent approach and shielded them.” “Tyrese pushed him forward to the test, forcing him to give him some strong stares.” Maxey made 6 of 8 focuses for a total of 16 points. Waterways can’t seem to get away from his starting lineup of Joel Embiid, Harris, Maxey, Seth Curry, and Danny Green, which he’s used in all six games. Both in-game and at the start, he remains adaptable to adjustments. Joel Embiid, Harris, and Georges Niang form a frontcourt that he finds appealing.

“There isn’t a shadow of a doubt that we’re looking for various meetings,” he stated. “To be honest, I have no idea when we will.” “We’re still trying to figure out what we have,” he said. “However, it will take place. The leap ball will be present, as well as two unique individuals. At that point, you’ll notice it.” Last season, the Sixers used 27 different starting lineups. Ben Simmons has now missed his sixth consecutive game due to a lack of mental preparation. Regardless, he was photographed riding a stationary bicycle at the Camden morning shoot-around.

“I’ll be mentoring the people in the group who will play shortly,” Waterways added. “I don’t get engaged in a lot of the other stuff, the messiness, as we may call it. I make every effort to be on top of all that may be expected.” Youthful received the most boos before the game on Saturday. Green, on the other hand, received silver ornamentation. Green, who spent the offseason attempting to educate Sixers fans on proper behavior, had entered the game shooting 10-for-26 overall and 9-for-25 from distance. That includes two late-game airballs in a come-from-behind loss to Brooklyn.

“I’m not concerned since Danny has made numerous shots in his career,” Waterways added. “After a while, you notice that they’ve all gone in. They’ll also go in once more.” Green responded with six focuses and a 2-for-3 three-point shooting percentage. The 76ers wore “Salvy Solid” shirts on the side of hardware office group chaperon Salvatore Messina before the game. The 19-year-old Sanctuary understudy from Philadelphia is raising funds on the internet to raise awareness about Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and his own battle with the disease.

“We’re seeking to get the word out about that society’s fundraising efforts,” Streams stated. “He was quickly vanishing and making good progress. It has resurfaced, indicating that it is a major issue. We understand he will win since he is a hyperactive child. In any event, all that is required is for everyone to consider it.”


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