May 29, 2024


For Halloween, Mix Up Some Monster Mash Munch.

It’s Halloween, and your kids return home to find that they’ve invited a few friends over before going door to door begging for candy. Furthermore, they clearly need a tidbit. I have a go-to item for good times that can be saturated with as much of the Halloween theme as you need with a quick trip to the store. On the other hand, you can just manage with what you have at home. Beast Crush Crunch is a terrific salty-sweet blend nibble that can be produced with a variety of ingredients, as long as you start with popcorn.

Trail blends are simple to make and can be tailored to fit almost any theme or event depending on the bits and sweets you choose. For this one, I went with a Halloween theme by using some common snack food sources that I discovered this season. First and foremost, start with your favorite type of popcorn. I used two sacks of microwave popcorn to make a large bowl of the blend. Make sure you don’t helplessly toss in the popcorn, or the bits that didn’t pop will get mistakenly blended in. All things considered, including the small group.

This season, one of the fantastic items on the basic food item retires. They’re fantastic in a tidbit combo. This year, though, I discovered a Beast Crush oat that contains all three or more Fruit Animal and Yummy Mummy. I don’t recall seeing those latter two as a kid, but they were there.

After that, throw in something delicious. I came up with some Halloween-themed M&Ms. You’ll also need to add something smelly. While any pretzel will suffice, Halloween-themed pretzels are available this season. I discovered pumpkin and bat-like shapes. Furthermore, a Halloween blend wouldn’t be complete without some sweet corn, so that was added as well. To put it all together, I melted some chocolate chips and sprinkled some chocolate on top. For added emphasis, I put in a few leftover candy eyes from last Halloween.

Everything should be served on a Halloween-themed platter. Alternatively, separate treat sacks might be used. The end result is a wonderful Halloween mixture that my mother couldn’t get enough of and that the kids from across the street were fighting over. While I utilized these components, you are free to use whatever you like. The sweetness of the confections can be adjusted to your preference. It’s popular to use cheddar-seasoned saltines or peanuts in these mixes. In addition, if you don’t want to go to the grocery store, check through your snacks. Maybe you can come up with a combination there. Whatever you put in the mix, make it an enjoyable Halloween experience for both kids and adults.


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