May 19, 2024


Apple Now Includes First-Party App Ratings On Its Phones.

Apple this week advanced the function to offer rankings for its Camera, Health, Messages, Phone, Photos, and Phone software, amongst others, a month after permitting individual assessments for first-party apps.

Apple enabled App Store reviews for first-party apps, which include titles that come preloaded on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, for the first time in late September. The iOS 15 functionality, which was seen as a major addition to its purported preferential management of in-residence apps, drew regular critical remarks from flagship properties.

Apple added more of its apps to the list on Oct. 25, according to developer Kosta Eleftheriou, with customers being able to award celebrity rankings to Camera, Clock, Find Devices, Health, Heart Rate, Messages, Phone, Photos, Safari, Workout, and World Clock.

Interestingly, Eleftheriou points out that Safari is categorized as an app intended for users aged four and up, whereas other internet browsers have a minimum age restriction of 17 and up.

Only a few users have assigned scores to the popular group of Apple apps that went live just a few days ago. The phone takes the lead with fourteen rankings and a four-star average rating, followed by the camera with thirteen rankings and a four-star average rating. Safari receives 3. five stars out of a possible eleven, whereas the Clock, Find Devices, Health, Heart Rate, Photos, Workout, and World Clock all receive less than ten.

Prior to the September update, Apple device owners could only download apps like the iWork suite, which had previously been for-pay software. Apple’s decision to reveal ranks for its pre-installed apps is said to be influenced by increased scrutiny of the company’s App Store operation. Governments all over the world are looking at the agency’s App Store standards, first-party charging machine requirements, and third-party app store laws. Some regulatory agencies are looking into claims that the agency gives personal apps special treatment.


(Apple expands first-party app ratings to Camera, Messages, Photos, more | AppleInsider 2021)

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