June 21, 2024

A Train Collided With A Woman In An Edmonton Neighborhood.


On Tuesday morning, a woman was hit by a train as she tried to cross a set of tracks in the southeast Edmonton region. The crash occurred on the CN railway tracks between Maple Road and Eighth Street just before 7:30 a.m., according to Edmonton police. The 34-year-old lady was walking west on the north side of the road on the sidewalk when she attempted to rush over the tracks and was hit by the front of a northbound train, according to police.

The woman, who had severe injuries, was handled by paramedics and transferred to the hospital. The Edmonton Police Service’s serious collision investigation unit was sent to the scene, where the train had come to a halt at the tracks, causing traffic in and out of the Maple Crest community to be backed up for many hours.

Later, the train was moved up and down the rails, allowing stranded guests to walk within and out of the area. Residents in the area have been irritated for years by a loss of emergency access. It is situated on a pie-shaped sliver of land in southeast Edmonton, bordered to the north by Whitemud Drive and to the east and south by Anthony Henday Drive. The closest major avenue to the west is 17 Street, although getting there necessitates crossing CN Rail tracks. Several times in recent years, residents have witnessed ambulances, fire department vans, and other emergency vehicles stuck on the train, unable to access the neighborhood.

To the south of the neighborhood, there’s an unpaved secondary entrance avenue that connects to Meridian Street and then to 23 Avenue — however, it’s long and twisting, and it also crosses the identical train tracks a few kilometers south. When asked about the allegations in January 2020, the agency behind the Maple Crest development said it was aware of them. Dream Development Edmonton indicated that when the network expands, it expects to add a new connection to 23 Avenue, estimating that this will happen within the next three years.


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