July 21, 2024

The Trustees’ and Founders’ Scholarships

The Trustees’ and Founders’ Scholarships. Undergraduate students who meet certain criteria are eligible to receive financial aid, such as scholarships and merit-based grants. Merit aid is awarded based on a comprehensive evaluation process that goes beyond a student’s academic performance statistics. It also takes into account extracurricular activities, recommendations, and personal writings.


  • Host: Lehigh University Scholarships 
  • Hosts any disciplines.
  • Offers various scholarships.
  • Location: USA.
  • Application deadline: anytime.
  • Grants: full or partial tuition waiver.
  • Coverage: reduced tuition.
  • Nationality: Any.
  • Age: Unspecified.

Lehigh Merit Scholarships Overview

  • Top applicants were awarded.
  • Preferential funding for top students.

Grant Advantages

  • Tuition value: full or half.
  • Renewal: once a year.
  • Maximum: eight semesters.
  • Ten semesters for five-year programs.

Scholarship Qualifications

  • Full-time undergraduate enrollment.
  • Minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0.

Utilization of Awards

  • No additional application is needed beyond admissions.
  • The committee considers all full-time admitted students.

Deadline for application: Anytime

Visit the official scholarship website.

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