July 11, 2024
Access funds with NDDC single-digit loans for women.

Access funds with NDDC single-digit loans for women.

Access funds with NDDC single-digit loans for women. To help women obtain financial resources to enhance their standard of living, the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) has stated that it intends to work with financial institutions in this regard. At the NDDC offices in Port Harcourt, during a visit by a delegation from Union Bank Nigeria, Dr. Samuel Ogbuku, the Managing Director of the organization, made this announcement.

Dr. Ogbuku underlined that the team will work with the NDDC on projects aimed at empowering women in the Niger Delta Region. I’ll be happy to help you reword the text that has been provided. Please be aware, though, that I am an AI language model, and the text I have been trained on has patterns and instances that form the basis for my responses. I can help in a general way and make recommendations, but I am not up to date on current events or developments. The revised text is as follows:

The Niger Delta Development Commission’s (NDDC) Managing Director, Dr. Samuel Ogbuku, has made plans to work with financial institutions to offer low-interest loans that will help women and their lives. At the NDDC offices in Port Harcourt, Dr. Ogbuku pledged the organization’s commitment to working with the Niger Delta Chamber of Commerce to promote entrepreneurship and share associated risks during a courtesy visit by a Union Bank Nigeria delegation. The NDDC is also implementing measures to oversee the operations of business owners, aided by its empowerment programs.

The NDDC is leading the effort to register the Niger Delta Chamber of Commerce to broaden the Commission’s influence in enabling the Niger Delta region’s citizens through entrepreneurial endeavors. The public-private partnership (PPP) model has been adopted by the NDDC as an alternate funding source for important projects and programs to promote entrepreneurial growth and expedite development.

Union Bank Nigeria’s Regional Business Executive for the South, Mr. Chidi Ileka, emphasized the value of giving women training to increase their chances of success in the workforce. To combat gender inequity, empower women in the Niger Delta region, and give them opportunities for success, the bank is excited to work with the NDDC. To provide women with the means to become financially independent, the alliance will prioritize providing them with access to affordable healthcare, development programs, and financing.

Union Bank’s Head of Alpher and Women Lead Business, Mrs. Chioma Nwokike, underlined the bank’s dedication to enhancing women’s long-term financial stability through investing and savings options. Through the collaborative project, women in the Niger Delta region will be able to access comprehensive business and personal development programs that equip them with the necessary information and skills for entrepreneurship and personal development. In addition, the cooperation will give Niger Delta women’s access to affordable healthcare a high priority, safeguarding their well-being and freeing them up to concentrate on their personal and professional growth.

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