July 13, 2024
International Students' Oxford-Radcliffe Graduate Scholarships

International Students’ Oxford-Radcliffe Graduate Scholarships

Applications for the International Students’ Oxford-Radcliffe Graduate Scholarships, accessible to graduate students starting a degree in the 2024–25 scholastic year, are presently being acknowledged by intrigued and qualified candidates. Up to 13, the Oxford-Radcliffe Graduate Scholarship awards full scholarships to unfamiliar candidates for University College Oxford full-time course programs.

Scholarship Sponsorship Overview

  • Sponsored by University College Oxford, UK.
  • Funded multiple awards.
  • Targets postgraduate scholars.
  • Accepts international students.

Oxford-Radcliffe Graduate Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

  • International students must apply.
  • Only available at University College.
  • Scholarships are awarded to all qualifying students.
  • Successful applicants must transfer to University College.

Oxford-Radcliffe Graduate Scholarship Eligibility

  • Full-time courses in Earth Sciences, Bioscience, Manufacturing, Synthesis for Biology and Medicine, Transportation and Power in the Future, Inorganic Chemistry for the Future, Statistics and Statistical Machine Learning, Random Systems Mathematics, Theoretical Physics, Neurosciences, Medicine, Oncology, Politics and/or International Relations.

Scholarship Benefits

  • The grant covers living expenses and course fees.
  • Awards are given for course duration.

Oxford-Radcliffe Graduate Scholarships Application Process

  • All eligible applicants are considered regardless of preference.
  • Successful applicants transferred to University College.
  • Standard scholarship selection terms are provided for further details.

Deadline for application: January 31, 2024

Visit the official scholarship website.

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