July 11, 2024
African Women's Women Techsters Initiative Program 2024

African Women’s Women Techsters Initiative Program 2024

Applications for the African Women’s Women Techsters Initiative Program 2024 are being acknowledged by African women who need to be enabled over the following decade through simultaneous preparation and backing initiatives held all through the mainland. The Women Techsters Initiative, Africa’s biggest educational, cost-free women-in-tech initiative, tries to close the information gap among men and women in digital technology in low-pay networks across the landmass, giving women evenhanded admittance to a more extensive scope of chances.


  • Women Techsters Initiative
  • Program Type: Trainee Program
  • Program Location: All of Africa
  • Program Length: Not specified
  • Accessible Slot: Multiple
  • Fundamental Requirements: Poor regions across the continent
  • Nationality: Countries in Africa

Women Techsters Initiative Program Eligibility Criteria:

  • Women applicants.
  • Women in Africa are interested in technology careers.
  • Applicants from low-income African areas.

Learning Tracks:

  • Product Design
  • Product Management
  • Software Development
  • Cybersecurity
  • Mobile Development
  • Data science and AI engineering
  • Blockchain
  • Mixed Realities and 3D

Women Techsters Bootcamp Objectives

  • Provide the necessary knowledge for girls and women interested in technology careers.
  • Enable access to decent jobs within the technology ecosystem.
  • Empower girls and women with skills for creating, growing, and scaling tech-enabled businesses.
  • Provide strong entrepreneurship support structures across Africa.
  • 3-week monthly training to introduce intermediate-level technology skills.

Women Techsters Initiative Program Application Procedures:

Deadline for application: On a rolling basis

Visit the official scholarship website

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