July 23, 2024
Vacancy Canada Job: Licensed Plumber

Vacancy Canada Job: Licensed Plumber

Job: Licensed Plumber
Company: City of Waterloo
Location: Waterloo, ON
Job Type: Full-time
Shift and schedule
Monday to Friday
On call

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Microsoft Word plumbing
Windows Office


GED or high school diploma


  • Excerpted from the entire job specification
  • disability benefits
  • Program for employee aid
  • Accrued sick days
  • Paid time off

Accounts Due:

  • Provide proactive, preventive, and responsive maintenance on various plumbing systems and associated hardware, building envelopes, natural building structures, and grounds at various city offices in a safe, reliable, and effective manner. Must carry out work in compliance with all relevant building, fuel, plumbing, and other relevant codes as well as local bylaws, as applicable.
  • Perform plumbing-related support tasks, such as new construction and repairs to the channeling frameworks, equipment, and other pipe devices used for wastewater removal and water conveyance in a variety of modern buildings and businesses owned or operated by the city.
  • Participate in the maintenance and repair of a variety of mechanical equipment, such as central air conditioning and heating systems, water treatment systems, air handling systems, steam and hot water boilers and related equipment, flow siphons, electronic and gas-terminated humidification systems, sump and sewage siphons, pressure washers, and related systems for the recovery of heated water, chillers and cooling tower systems, fire and life safety systems, and refrigeration plants (within the bounds of codes and permits).
  • Examine problem areas within buildings and offices to identify the source of dissatisfaction and determine the optimal course of action taking into account energy efficiency, cost, execution, and industry best practices.
  • Collaborate in a team environment with both internal employees and external contractors.
  • Maintain track of all hardware history records and administrative work in Maximo (the work request system) for all hardware and work completed.
  • Collaborate with the management to purchase components or services by corporate purchasing policies.
  • Participate in the energy executive’s projects and drives; where appropriate, make suggestions for energy-producing methods.
  • As needed, make arrangements for the removal of hazardous materials and watch related television.
  • Potentially anticipated to participate in several City groups and drives
  • Should participate in a coaching apprenticeship program, if applicable
  • Assistance with the Corporate Late Night Work Program (required)
  • Additional responsibilities as assigned

Minimum Requirements:

  • Minimum Grade 12 education or equivalent expertise related to the responsibilities listed above, often obtained by completing a Grade 12 diploma and 5-7 years of contemporary/commercial expertise with plumbing fixtures and frameworks
  • holds an Ontario Authorized Handyman (306A) Service of Work, Preparing, and Abilities Improvement Declaration of Capability.
  • Gas Professional 1 or 2 is preferred; at the very least, TSSA Gas Specialist 3 (a “G.3 endorsement”) should be held.
  • Those who are willing and able to obtain their Gas Expert 2 certificate within the next two years and have a TSSA Gas Specialist three (3) confirmation may be given consideration (Gas Professional 1 in 4 years or fewer).
  • must possess a valid Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA) Reverse Counteraction Permit or be prepared to get one within a year of hiring
  • To complete the job, a significant MTO “G” class driver’s permit on advantageous terms and a driver’s theoretical qualification recognized by the city are anticipated.
  • Possessing the ability to display a general understanding of plumbing tools and cycles
  • remarkable interpersonal skills, both verbal and written, with the ability to effectively and obligingly handle interactions both inside and outside of oneself
  • Ability to read and interpret summaries, technical drawings, and conclusions
  • Capable of gaining knowledge in financial plan input, record keeping, report writing, and parts/stock control
  • Prepared to contribute meaningfully in a team environment or operate alone when necessary, using excellent judgment and appropriate and safe support techniques and tactics
  • Ability to perform all types of movements related to this line of work (such as lifting, walking, climbing, repositioning, working in a variety of weather conditions, working above ground level, and working in confined spaces), as well as the ability to pass an actual assessment when necessary
  • Basic computer skills with Microsoft Office (Word and Succeed)
  • Knowledge of the Maximo MMS PC framework would be beneficial.
  • Functional details about the Wellbeing and Security Act and guidelines about Word
  • As a condition of hiring, a strong Police Criminal Records and Legal Issues Check will be required.

Certification Requirements:

After hiring, it is anticipated that Specialty Unit preparation will be strengthened.

Information on Wages:

During the trial period, all occupants will be paid at a pace of 5%, which is not exactly the full-time rate as stated in the Informative Supplement ‘A’ Pay Timetable.

Information Shift:

Long workdays are often scheduled between Monday and Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., though some flexibility and extra time may be needed. According to the relevant Aggregate Understanding, the City asserts full authority to carry out shift labor as operationally required.

Procedure for Application

Competitors who are interested and meet the requirements are encouraged to submit a CUPE Inside Occupation Posting Application by 4:00 p.m. on the deadline, either directly to HR at 100 Regina Road South or via the web application procedure. If it’s not too much trouble, check www.waterloo.ca/professions for posting and application nuances.

@Waterloo, Be Yourself

Our goal at the City of Waterloo is to hire new workers who will serve the community that we so happily serve. We encourage all interested and qualified competitors to apply, including but not limited to Native Americans, Black people, people of color, women, persons with disabilities, 2SLGBTQ+ individuals, and anyone eager to become a part of our community.

Make accommodations

The goal of the City of Waterloo is to create and maintain a welcoming, all-encompassing, and boundary-free workplace. All stages of the enrollment process provide access to facilities through the Basic Liberties Code and other relevant rules. Candidates are advised to notify others about their requirements via email at recruitment@waterloo.ca, including the position and rivalry number, for ease of use during the application round. Candidates who advance to subsequent enrollment cycle phases will have more opportunities to disseminate the word.

We Have You Covered.

The City of Waterloo proposes the following to be a firm of choice for reliable competence committed to serving our community:

  • Unfair pay combined with a disgruntling boss who provided a slew of benefits, such as paid sick leave, long-term disability, OMERS benefits, and a Representative and Family Help Program;
  • confirmed as a Champion for Living Wage in the Territory of Ontario;
  • A team of employees dedicated to fostering and advancing initiatives that support the organization’s ongoing commitment to Native Drives, Hostile to Prejudice, Openness, and Value;
  • Significant inside and outer preparation and advancement astounding open doors;
  • empathetic and compassionate organization that promotes and upholds a culture of security, well-being, and health;
  • strong responsibility to provide and maintain a dignified, all-encompassing, and psychologically safe work atmosphere where everyone is valued;
  • paid float holiday(s), paid excursion and individual days, and the ability to bank additional time;
  • Worker Purchase Projects (such as PC Purchase Plans and Corporate Mobile Phone Plans);
  • City of Waterloo Employee Recital Pass;
  • Commemorative achievement presents for regular part-time and full-time employees, starting after five years of administration; and much more!

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