July 11, 2024
List of Fully Funded Masters Scholarships Available in the UK Without IELTS

List of Fully Funded Masters Scholarships Available in the UK Without IELTS. Scholarships without IELTS are monetary possibilities presented without requiring the results of an English proficiency exam, or IELTS, as a prerequisite. To assist you with your study abroad readiness, we have assembled this list of UK Masters Scholarships without an IELTS score.

In the event that you are not getting any monetary guidance, then, at that point, studying in the UK as an international student may be fairly reasonable. Fortunately, the UK offers numerous scholarships to assist international students of all nationalities with funding their studies.

One of the principal requirements while applying for scholarships to study in the UK is ordinarily proof of English language capacity (e.g., IELTS). However, the waiver is ordinarily possible in specific situations. International master’s students can apply for the scholarships referenced in this article without taking the IELTS exam.

Master’s Scholarships in the UK without an IELTS score for 2023–2024

1. Chevening Scholarships

    In the UK, one of the most popular and serious scholarships is the Chevening Scholarship. Studying in the UK is completely subsidized by the scholarship. As long as they can demonstrate that they can learn English, international students wishing to pursue a master’s certificate in the UK are qualified to apply for this fellowship without taking the IELTS exam.

    2. The Scholarships for Global Leaders, Lincoln

    Both undergraduate and graduate students might apply for the Global Leaders Scholarship to study in the UK. If you accepted your last degree in English, you are qualified to apply for this scholarship without taking the IELTS exam.

    3: The Scholarship from Skoll

    For selected applicants, the Skoll Scholarship for Oxford MBA offers a full scholarship along with a living stipend to assist them with finishing their MBA. IELTS is not expected to apply for the Skoll Scholarship.

    4: Scholarships for Commonwealth Masters

    One of the most generous scholarship programs accessible for a completely financed study abroad involvement with the UK is the Commonwealth Masters Scholarship. IELTS is deferred for students applying for Commonwealth Masters Scholarships on the off chance that they can demonstrate their proficiency in another manner.

    5. Cambridge Scholarships from Gates

    Through this scholarship program, non-UK citizens overall approach full-supporting opportunities for study in the UK. To apply for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship without taking the IELTS, you’ll have to provide another record demonstrating your English language skills.

    Also, this is in no way, shape, or form a whole list of master’s scholarships accessible in the UK without an IELTS score! Moreover, you could investigate the Clarendon Scholarships at the University of Oxford, the Think Big Scholarships, the Mastercard Foundation Scholarships, and the King’s College London Africa Scholarships. The Reach Oxford Scholarship, the Rhodes Scholarship, and different awards

    We also advise you to glance through the total list of UK scholarships accessible to you to pursue completely supported schooling in the

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