July 11, 2024
Canada Vacancy Job: Plumber - Pipefitting

Canada Vacancy Job: Plumber – Pipefitting

Job: plumber – pipefitting
Company: Red Rock Mechanical Ltd
Location: North York, ON
Salary: $30–$50 an hour
Job type
Shift and schedule
On call


  • Reading blueprints


  • GED or high school diploma


  • Excerpted from the entire job specification
    Dental treatment
    Prolonged medical care
    Eye Health
  • Term of Work: Permanent
    Language of Work: English
    40 hours a week are worked.
    Education: Diploma from secondary (high) school
    Experience: three to five years or less
    or similar background

Place of work

  • Household


  • To ascertain the design of the waste and drainage systems, water supply network, and plumbing system, consult the blueprints, drawings, and specifications.
  • Install, fix, and maintain plumbing fixtures and systems in homes, businesses, or industries.
  • instruct trainees
  • Find and indicate the locations of fixtures, passageways, and pipe connections in walls and floors.
  • Make a hole in the walls and flooring for the pipe and its fittings.
  • Use couplings, clamps, screws, bolts, brazing, cement or soldering, and welding tools to join pipes.
  • Utilizing air and water pressure gauges, check pipes for leaks
  • Identify the pipe sizing and needs for the piping system.
  • Oversee other employees
  • Run other computer software programs, such as CADD.
  • Pipes must be measured, cut, threaded, and bent to the proper size and shape.


  • 1-2 persons

Memberships, licenses, certificates, and courses

  • Trade Certification for Plumbers
  • First Aid Document
  • Red Seal Certificate for Plumbers

Safety and Security

  • Check driving history (abstract)

Information on travel and transportation

  • Personal vehicle

Physical capabilities and working conditions

  • Arduous physically
  • Stooping, squatting, or kneeling
  • Managing large weights

Own instruments or gear

  • Instruments
  • Safety gear and apparatus
  • steel-toed boots for safety

Individual suitability

  • Reliable
  • Customer attention
  • Effective social abilities
  • Outstanding vocal communication
  • Outstanding written expression
  • Group member

Screening inquiries

  • Are you open to working shifts or being called in?
  • Do you attend school right now?
  • Can you work in Canada lawfully at the moment?
  • Would you be able to move for this job?
  • Do you currently live close to the address that was posted?
  • Do you have any prior work experience in this field?
  • Do you possess the necessary certificates listed above?
  • Which degree of study have you finished to the highest level?

Green work.

  • Includes obligations and responsibilities that result in favorable environmental effects

Health advantages

  • Dental schedule
  • Health care scheme
  • Advantages of vision care

Monetary advantages

  • According to a collective contract

Long-term advantages

  • Benefits for parents and maternity

Other advantages

  • There is free parking
  • Parking is accessible

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