July 11, 2024

Waist Beads With Clasp.

Waist Beads With Clasp. In many regions of the continent, waist beads with clasp are a sort of popular African waist jewelry. A style of jewelry called waist beads with clasp is often worn around the waist or hip region. They are made of strands of tiny beads that are fastened with a clasp and worn around the waist. They are made up of tiny stones or beads that are strung together and secured with a clasp. SEE MORE: Strawberry Beads.


How To Make Waist Beads With Clasp or How To Make Waist Beads With Barrel Clasp or How To Make Waist Beads With Lobster Clasp or How To Make African Waist Beads With Clasp

The only distinction between producing waist beads with a barrel clasp or a lobster clasp and standard clasps is the type of clasp that is utilized. The following steps can be used to create waist beads with a barrel clasp, lobster clasp, or other type of clasp:


  • size 6/0 or size 8/0 tiny beads
  • jewelry wire
  • bead crimp
  • Cutters for wire clasps
  • Pliers


  • Use a tape measure to take your waist measurement at the desired location for your waist beads. To account for movement, add a few inches to this measurement.
  • Cut your wire: Cut a piece of beading wire that is about an inch longer than your waist measurement.
  • Insert the clasp: Beading wire should be inserted through one side of the clasp with one end. Use a crimp bead to hold the wire in place, and then flatten the bead with pliers.
  • Beading: Using the wire, string the beads you’ve chosen in the desired arrangement. Make sure there is enough wire left over at the end to attach the other clasp part.
  • Add the second clasp half: The other end of the beading wire should be threaded through the clasp’s opposite side. After another crimp bead has been used to hold the wire in place, the crimp bead should be flattened with pliers.
  • Finish off your waist beads by trimming any extra wire with wire cutters, then hide the wire ends in the beads with pliers.

You can now wear your waist beads with a clasp! To create your own distinctive style, you can produce as many strands as you wish by combining various beads.

How To Adjust Waist Beads With Clasp

Following these straightforward procedures will allow you to adjust waist beads using a clasp.


  • Waistbeads with clasp
  • Tape measure


  • Take a measurement of your waist in the desired location for your waist beads using a measuring tape.
  • By carefully drawing the two ends apart, you may release the clasp on the waist beads.
  • Adjust the length: Add or remove beads to make the waist beads longer or shorter until the desired length is reached. To achieve this, just slide the beads along the beading wire, and then use crimp beads to hold them in place.
  • Closing the clasp requires placing one end of the wire into the other half of the clasp, gently pressing the two parts of the clasp together until they click into place, and then adjusting the length as necessary.
  • Check the fit: Wrap your waist in the waist beads to see how well they fit. Make sure they are relaxed and seated in the appropriate position.

Simply repeat the previous steps until you find the ideal fit if you need to make more adjustments. Without any special tools or equipment, it is quite simple to change the length of waist beads with a clasp.

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